Trash Program FAQ

  1. Why is the trash program changing?

The current Municipal Refuse Collection contract expires June 30, 2023. Over the past 6 months, the Board of Health has worked diligently to obtain the most qualified and cost-effective service for the new program beginning July 1, 2023. The department of health has explored all possible options and are committed to providing the residents of Plainville with the most cost effective and comprehensive Municipal Refuse Collection Program. Careful consideration has been given to determine the level of participation, cost, funding, convenience for the user, and level of service provided. The Board of Health believes that the town-sponsored program offers a better value for most residents as compared to private haulers. Residents are encouraged to try the program for six months to see if it can work for their families.

  1. Who can use the Municipal Collection Program?
  1. What is included in the Municipal Collection Program?
  1. Who can we talk to about changing the program?
  1. When will the town provided trash carts be delivered?
  1. Do I have to pay the whole annual fee at once?
  1. The information provided says the increase is only $158 a year for single family homes, but $410 - $174 is $236. What’s up with that?
  1. When do I have to pay by to start the new service on July 1, 2023?
  1. Will I have to pay a separate fee to rent or purchase the carts?
  1. Do I have to use the 35-gallon sized trash cart?
  1. What if I have extra bags of trash that do not fit in the town supplied cart?
  1. Did the trash bag sticker price increase?
  1. Can I use my own barrel or bin for trash?
  1. Does my trash need to be bagged inside of the cart?
  1. How large is the trash cart?
  1. Do I have to put a sticker on the trash bags inside the supplied cart?
  1. Will my collection day stay the same?
  1. Can I use my own barrel or bin for recycling?
  1. What if I have extra recycling that does not fit into the cart?
  1. What can I put in the recycling cart?
  1. Should my recycling be loose inside the cart?
  1. How large is the recycling cart?
  1. Can I take extra recycling to the Recycling Center?
  1. I just got my program sticker after paying the fee, where should I place the sticker?
  1. What is considered “bulky waste”?
  1. How do I dispose of bulky waste?
  1. Do I have to be part of the Plainville trash & recycling program to have EL Harvey pick up my bulky waste?
  1. How much will disposal of bulky waste cost?
  1. Do I still pay for bulky waste pickups with trash stickers?
  1. Do I have to use the town trash & recycling program?
  1. Can I use the town curbside program for just trash or for just recycling for a reduced rate?
  1. If I use a private trash hauler, can I still use the recycling center?
  1. If I use a private hauler for trash (single family or dumpster for multi-family), what do I do with items that would be curbside recycled?
  1. I bought a lot of stickers that I won’t be using. Will the Board of Health buy them back?
  1. What if one of my carts disappears (e.g., blows away, stolen)?
  1. What if I am going to move soon? Can I get a refund on unused months?

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