Annual Pass

Beginning July 1, 2009, residents who wish to use the Recycling Center at the Highway Garage to drop off items will be required to register their vehicle(s) with the Municipal Refuse Collection Program and display an annual pass in the registered vehicle using the recycling center. Residents will still be required to pay the per-item fees.

  • Single-family homes that participate in the Municipal Refuse Collection Program will receive an annual pass for one vehicle at no additional costs.
  • Two-family homes will receive two vehicle passes at no charge.
  • Three-family homes will receive three vehicle passes at no charge.
  • If residents wish to register an additional vehicle per household, a fee of $5 per vehicle will be required.

Residents that choose to pay partial payments of 6 months will be issued a 6-month pass.

If you do not participate in the Municipal Collection Program and would like to utilize the Recycling Center Drop-Off area, you will need to purchase a "Recycling Center Annual Pass." The cost of the pass per vehicle is $25 for the period beginning July 1, through June 30.

  • Only vehicles registered to Plainville residents or property owners will be allowed to use the Recycling Center.
  • Only commercial vehicles that are registered to a non-business are allowed.
  • No business commercial vehicles will be allowed.
  • Per-item fees still apply.