Public Nuisance / Dangerous Dog

Any dog that unreasonably annoys humans, endangers the life or health of other animals or person(s), or substantially interferes with the rights of citizens, other than its owner(s), to the enjoyment of life or property. The term "public nuisance/dangerous dog" shall mean and include, but is not limited to any dog that:

  • Is found at large
  • Damages the property of anyone other than its owner or keeper
  • Molests or intimidates pedestrians or passersby
  • Excessively makes disturbing noises, including but not limited to continued and repeated howling, barking, whining or other utterances causing unreasonable annoyance, disturbances, or discomfort to neighbors or others in close proximity to the premises where the dog is kept or harbored
  • Has bitten or attacked any person
  • Has bitten or attacked other domestic animals
  • Is found at large in a schoolyard, public or private recreation area, store or shopping area; except for those dogs certified to assist the visually or hearing impaired, which shall be deemed to be exempt from this provision
  • Has been found by the Board of Selectmen, after notice to its owner or keeper and a public hearing, to be a public nuisance/dangerous dog, by virtue of being a menace to public health, safety or welfare

Vicious Dog - Any dog that attacks, bites or injures humans or domesticated animals without provocation; or which, because of temperament, conditioning or training, has a known propensity to attack, bite or injure humans or domestic animals.