Water & Sewer Operations

The Plainville Water and Sewer Department's mission is to efficiently and effectively operate the water and wastewater system for the Town's residents to meet current and future needs. The Department will provide safe, reliable, and consistent services to its customers by managing Plainville's critical water resources and being in compliance with all applicable regulations, and preparing for the challenges of the future.

Our water in Plainville is pulled from the ground at 2 sources, the Turnpike Lake Water Treatment Plant, and the Highway Wells. In addition to these sources and treatment facilities, we operate 4 pressure zones, 2 water tanks, more than 2500 water services, 65 miles of water main, and 4 wastewater collection stations.

The Town of Plainville will be Conducting Smoke Testing Investigations on November 8  through 10, 2022

The Town of Plainville will be conducting smoke testing investigations in your area shortly. These investigations are being conducted to identify sources of extraneous water that discharge into its sanitary sewers.

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