Town Administrator

Mission Statement

The Town Administrator's Office is committed to providing quality and innovative service in a supportive and creative environment. We will work cooperatively with the citizens of Plainville and all municipal employees in setting the direction and accomplishing the goals of town government.

The Role

The Town Administrator is appointed by the Select Board.

The Town Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town. They coordinate and are responsible for the daily administration of the town, including supervising daily town operations, administrating the personnel, financial, and purchasing policy, and preparing and implementing operating and capital budgets of the Town. They are expected to function in a full-time capacity, including nights and weekends as necessary.

They are accountable on a town-wide basis for the direction and success of programs accomplished through others. They analyze program objectives, determine work operations, and estimate and allocate the financial and staff resources required. They assist or oversee the provision of personnel services to Town employees, including or effectively recommending hiring, training, and disciplining of employees.

The Town Administrator shall serve as the personnel officer of the Town and shall be available to assist all appointing authorities with training, recruitment, discipline and termination of all employees.