Real Estate/Personal Property Bills

  • FY 2022 -  Tax bills for real estate & personal property are now being collected
  • 1st Quarter bills are due in the office by Monday August 2, 2021.  
  • If you need a copy please dont hesitate to call our office at 508-576-8440.

 Four Ways To Pay 

1. Pay Online :   -  we highly suggest this option if you would like a reciept.

Fees associated with online payments are:   50 cents for echeck,  2.95% for credit card payments, fees are paid to the service provider. 

2. Drop box attached to the Town Hall.  This box is checked throughout the day by a staff member in the Collector's Office. No cash payments are accepted through this box.

3. Payment's can be made in person in the Treasurer/Collector's Office

4. Or by mail-  PO Box 1795, Plainville Ma 02762

Please enclose the coupon or coupons with your check and reference your Bill # or Map and Parcel on your check to ensure proper credit.  Thank You!

The Tax Collector's office will be open from 8 am until 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday . Monday 5-8 pm. Closed Friday's  

Bills not paid by the due date will be charged interest at the rate of 14% per annum as per State Law.

Fiscal Year 2021 Tax Rate 

  •  $14.70/thousand RESIDENTIAL 
  •  $17.75/thousand COMMERCIAL

Important Information

If you have recently re-financed your mortgage and a payment was made at the closing, please double check that the payment was enough to cover the total tax due. If not, you are responsible to pay the remaining balance.

If you are a new owner and purchased your property after January 1, 2020, your name will not appear on the first line of the tax bill because you are not considered the record owner. Your name will appear on the second line as the care of owner. This indicates the Assessors' know there has been a change of ownership after the January 1st record date. Your name will appear as the record owner for next fiscal year.

All questions regarding  the valuation on your property should be addressed to the ASSESSORS' OFFICE AT  (508-576-8431).

All questions concerning water liens and sewer liens should be addressed to the WATER/SEWER DEPARTMENT AT (508-695-6871).

All questions about the payment of the tax  should be addressed to the Tax Collectors' office at 508-576-8442 

 Real Estate Tax Bills are only sent to the homeowner. If you escrow your taxes you can contact your mortgage company to find out if you should forward your bill to them


***PLEASE NOTE - Any bills paid by automatic bank payments - Please place your account number on the check. Thank you for your cooperation.

Municipal Lien Certificate Cost