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Trash Material Preparation

Recyclable Material Preparation

Massachusetts "Waste Bans"

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To receive trash and recyclable materials collection, Plainville residents either subscribe to the municipal collection program or contract with a private hauler. The town does not have a drop-off location for trash or recyclable materials. This web site describes the municipal collection program. Information on private haulers may be found in the Yellow Pages under "Rubbish Removal" or click here for a list of haulers licensed in the Town of Plainville.

Plainville's municipal collection program is a fully user fee funded "Pay-as-you-throw" program. There are no tax dollars used to support the program. Subscribers to the program pay only for the services they receive. Residents save money and protect our environment by recycling and reducing the amount of trash that they throw away.

Collection Days

Click here for a list of collection days

Missed Pick Ups

If you have properly prepared your trash and recyclables for collection and your material was not picked up. Please call the hauler directly, E.L. Harvey & Sons at 1-800-321-3002 to report the missed stop.

Please refer to the following links to assure that your material was prepared properly before calling.

Holiday & Weather Delay's

Curbside Collection:

The following holidays will result in trash & recycling pick up being delayed ONE day for the remainder of the week. If the holiday falls on a Monday, Mondays pick up will be Tuesday, Tuesdays on Wednesdays, etc. for the rest of the week. Weather delays cannot be previously announced. If material is not picked up because of severe weather on your regular scheduled day, it will be picked up the next day. 

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving 
  • Christmas

Please note the following holidays will NOT result in any delays:  Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Patriots Day, Veterans Day, Columbus Day

Highway Garage Drop off Center:

The drop off center will be OPEN on the following holidays: Martin Luther King Day, Patriots Day, and Columbus Day. Please note that the drop off area WILL be open on Veterans Day if it falls on a Monday or Saturday. Weather delays cannot be previously announced.

User Fee's

To receive collection services subscribers pay two separate fees, an annual collection fee and a per bag trash disposal fee.

Annual Collection Fee

Trash and recyclable materials are only collected from 1, 2 & 3 family households that subscribe to the municipal collection program. To subscribe residents pay an annual collection fee. Buildings with four or more units, condo complexes and businesses contract with a private hauler. The annual fee's are:

  • Single Family Homes             $150.00
  • Two Family Homes                 $220.00
  • Three Family Homes              $270.00

This covers the cost of collection of trash and recyclable materials from July through June. Subscribers must also pay a separate disposal fee for each 30 - 35 gallon size bag of trash. 

Annual bills are mailed to every 1, 2 & 3 family homes in May. If you wish to participate in the program, return payment to the Board of Health office. If you do not wish to participate in the program, simply disregard the bill. When payment is made, residents will received an 8" x 8" colored sticker which is placed usually on your recycling bins.  This stickers serves as proof of payment to the drivers. When the drivers see this sticker, they quickly know that you are participating in the collection program. Each year the color of the annual sticker is changed. 

Residents may also choose to pay twice per year. A $3.00 processing fee is added to the second invoice which is mailed in November for service to continue January 1st. Residents that pay the half year fee will receive half of a sticker. When the second payment is received they will receive the bottom half. 

The annual fee is only prorated for new construction or new property owners. If a resident wishes to begin collection service mid cycle, they will be required to pay for the entire year.  

Refunds are not given. If a resident sells the property, any remaining collection fee should be settled at closing.

Trash Bag Disposal Fee

In order for trash to be collected, each 30 - 35 gallon size bag of trash must have a $1.50 disposal sticker affixed to it.  Residents purchase their own bags and buy the trash stickers to put on the bags.

Bulky Item Fee

  • Bulky items are paid with orange $2.50 trash stickers.  ($5.00 = two orange stickers) ($15.00 = 6 orange stickers)
  • All mattresses (crib, twin, double, queen and king size) will cost $15.00 each
  • Large bulky items equal to or over 4 feet in height or length will cost $5.00 each
  • Small bulky items under 4 feet in height or length costs $2.50 each

Trash Sticker Outlets

Stickers for bags and "Special Waste" are available from Town Hall, Board of Health office and the following Retail outlets in town. There is no additional disposal fee for recyclable materials collected curbside.

  • Ava's Market - 80 Taunton Street
  • Cumberland Farms - 139 South Street
  • Hilltop Stop - 56 Washington Street
  • Mobil Mart - 11 Taunton Street (corner rt 152 & 106)
  • Plainville Food Mart - 120 South Street
  • Rite Aid - 13 Taunton Street
  • South Liquor Mart - 431 South Street
  • Stop & Shop - Taunton Street

Trash Material Preparation

All material must be curbside by 7:00 a.m. on your regularly scheduled collection day. Trash & recyclables are collected on the same day

Bag Preparation

  • Each 30 - 35 gallon size bag must have a $1.50 trash sticker attached to the top of each bag
  • Bags must be 35 pounds maximum
  • Trash stickers should be placed around the neck of the bag, clearly visible to the driver, with the ends stuck to each other
  • Residents may put out as many tagged bags as needed
  • Bagged & tagged trash may be placed in trash barrels to protect it from wildlife.  Bags must be easy to pull out of the barrel.
  • Residents may use smaller size bags if they wish however to save money, white 13 - 17 gallon size kitchen bags should be placed in the larger 30 - 35 gallon size.

Unacceptable Bags

  • Ripped bags will not be collected
  • Bags weighing over 35 pounds will not be collected
  • Bags put curbside after 7:00 a.m. will not be collected
  • Bags that do not easily remove from a barrel will not be collected. 
  • Loose items will not be collected unless properly tagged as a bulky item
  • Trash stickers that have been tampered with will be unacceptable

Bulky Items

  • All Bulky Waste will be collected on MONDAY'S ONLY.  You must call E. L. Harvey & Sons at 1-800-321-3002 by noon on Friday to schedule collection.
  • Residents are allowed to put out ONE non-metal bulky item per week with the correct amount of orange stickers.
  • Bulky items must be curbside by 7:00 am on Monday after you have scheduled pick up.
  • Bulky items are paid with ORANGE $2.50 special waste stickers attached.  See user fee's for fee schedule
  • $2.50 = one orange sticker, $5.00 = two orange stickers, $15.00 = 6 orange stickers
  • All mattresses (crib, twin, double, queen and king size) will cost $15.00 each.
  • Large bulky items equal to or over 4 feet in height or length will cost $5.00 each.  This includes couches, dressers, bookshelves and boxsprings.
  • NOTE:  Sleeper sofa's must have the metal frame removed.
  • Small bulky items under 4 feet in height or length cost $2.50 each.
  • Bulky items include:  household furniture, tables, couches, chairs, dressers, toilets, vanities. etc.   
  • Wood and carpet may be placed curbside as long as it is cut in 4 foot lengths or less, tied and bundled and easily handled by one person.

Unacceptable Bulky Items

Materials NOT Collected at the Curb

The following items are not collected at the curb but may be dropped off at the Recycling Center at the Highway Garage. 

  • Metal items
  • TV's & Computers
  • Yard Waste
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Propane Tanks
  • Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Microwaves
  • Cardboard larger than 2' x 2'
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Hazardous Waste, Household Hazardous  waste may NOT be dropped off at the Recycling Center.  Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off is scheduled once per year usually in the Spring.

Recyclable Material Preparation

New Recycling Rule

All recyclables can now be placed in the same container.  You do not have to separate paper & cardboard from co-mingled (glass, plastic & metal).

Recycling Collection General Information

  • All accepatble recyclables can be placed in the same container
  • All material must be curbside by 7:00 a.m. on your regulary scheduled collection day
  • Recyclables and trash are collected on the same day at the same time.

Recycling Container Requirements

  • Recycling containers must be easily handled by one person
  • You may use a standard blue recycling container, other hard sturdy containers (i.e. milk crate, laundry basket, etc) or
  • You may use a standard trash container that is NO LARGER THAN 35-GALLON CAPACITY.  
  • Recycling container must be clearly labeled or identified as a RECYCLING container if using a trash container.  A non-textured, smooth surface works best for labels
  • Filled recycling containers cannot exceed 35 pounds.
  • You may use as many recycling containers as needed

Recycling Preparation

 What to Recycle How to PrepareUnacceptable


Newspaper & inserts

Magazines & Catalogs

Paper & stationery (all colors)

Office paper, folders

Telephone Books

Paperboard (e.g. cereal, pasta, tissue boxes)

Junk mail and envelopes (windows ok)

Place in recycling bin


Place in PAPER bags (no plastic bags)


Newspaper can be tied and bundled



NO FOOD CONTAMINATED OR SOILED PAPER   (dirty pizza boxes, paper plates, tissues, etc)



  (milk or juice cartons)


NO HARD COVERED BOOKS  (drop off available)



Corrugated cardboard    

Cardboard must be flattened

Cardboard must be no larger than 2' x 2'


 (paint, oil residue)

NO LARGER THAN 2' X 2'  (drop off available)

Glass  -  clear or colored glass bottles & jars 

Rinse clean

Remove lids & corks

Labels & rings are OK






Plastic Containers  -  Clear,

opaque,white or colored plastic

bottles, jugs or jars

that are used for foods,milk, water,soaps,

household products, etc.

Rinse clean

Labels are OK





      (meat trays, styrofoam cups, etc)



Metal Cans  -  Aluminum & Metal food and beverage cans, lids

Rinse clean

Labels are OK

Flatten or nest for room



NO SCRAP METAL  (drop off available) 

NO PROPANE TANKS (drop off available)

Unacceptable Materials

  • All material that is listed in the above charts as unacceptable (except for items that have drop off available) should be disposed of as trash
  • Item where drop off is available should be brought to the Recycling Center at the Highway Garage