Trash and Recycling

Beginning July, 11, 2020, the Recycling Center will now accept ALL materials usually accepted for drop off (i.e. metal & metal appliances, TV's, electronics, brush, yard waste, etc.).

Recycling Center & Compost Area will be open Saturdays ONLY  between 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. 

In order to provide the appropriate level of safety to our residents and staff, the Recycling Center and Compost Area will be open with the following guidelines.   
  • Beginning July, 11, 2020, the Recycling Center will now accept ALL materials usually accepted for drop off (i.e. metal & metal appliances, TV's, electronics, brush, yard waste, etc.). 
  • The staff will check that residents have a Recycling Center Pass. Please display your pass prior to entering.  The staff will practice established personal space guidelines and “Social Distancing” and will not assist residents in any way with the unloading of their vehicles. 
  • For any item that requires a fee, residents will be required to stick the ORANGE $2.50 special waste stickers on the item rather than handing them to the staff.
  • Only five vehicles will be allowed in the Recycling Center at one time. Expect to wait in line for access.
  • Residents are advised to wear face coverings/masks when entering the recycling center and unloading their vehicles.
  • If a resident needs a recycling center pass, they will need to contact and arrange to get one from the Board of Health Office (508-695-3010 ext. 5) prior to going to the Recycling Center.
  • The Recycling Center and Compost Area remains closed all other times until further notice.

Bulky Good Collection resumes June 8, 2020

Call E.L. Harvey & Sons at 800-321-3002 to schedule a Monday Collection. 



Please be advised that a PINK $1.50 trash sticker is required on all trash bags.  Bag size is a maximum of 35 gallons and 35 pounds.  We are unable to collect trash bags that do not have a trash sticker attached in order to continue to provide a Municipal Collection Program to our residents.  The municipal refuse collection program is funded solely through the purchase of trash stickers and payment of the annual fee. 
Trash stickers may be purchased at the following locations:
Ava’s Market – 80 Taunton St
Cumberland Farms – 139 South St
Hilltop Stop – 56 Washington St
Mobil Fuel Mart – 11 Taunton St
Plainville Smoke Shop – 120 South St
Shell Gas Station – 10 Taunton St
South Liquor Mart – 431 South St
Stop & Shop – Taunton St
We understand that residents may be concerned with purchasing stickers directly from stores and will offer a purchase by mail option during the stay at home advisory period.
Residents may request trash sticker by mail as follows:
Send a standard size (#10, 4 1/8" x 9 1/2") self addressed stamped envelope with a check payable to Town of Plainville for the appropriate number of trash stickers requested.  DO NOT include postage in the check.  Please include a phone number.  Allow 1 week for delivery.  Mail to Board of Health, P. O. Box 1717, Plainville, MA  02762.
1 – 14 stickers require (1) $0.55 stamp
Maximum amount of stickers by mail is 14.  (We can no longer process more than 14 stickers per envelope, anymore than that is too bulky to mail)
Please continue to follow the guidance from the Department of Public Health and the CDC.  Thank you for your cooperation during these challenging times.
Plainville Board of Health

Recycle Smart Massachusetts 

Click Here to visit this website for information on statewide recycling education.  There is also a search tool where residents can search for hundreds of items to find out how to properly manage them.


The Shell Gas Station at the corner of routes 152 and 106 now sells PINK $1.50 trash stickers.  Orange special waste stickers are not available at this location.




The following holidays are the only ones that result in a delay or the recycling center being closed.

New Years Day
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day,
  • Frequently Asked Questions, Click here  (COMING SOON)
  • What can be recycled curbside, Click here for a list

  • What do the recycling symbols mean? Click here.   NOTE:  not everything with a symbol is recyclable curbside

  • Recycling is in trouble, are you part of the problem,

  • Massachusetts State Waste Bans - you can not legally dispose of as trash these items. Click here

Only properly prepared and acceptable recyclables will be collected curbside.  Items placed in the recycling bin/container that are not acceptable will result in the bin/container not being emptied.  Please visit the town website under “Trash & Recycling”, Plainville Curbside Collection, Recyclables Material Preparation” for information on recycling. 

Because of high contamination rates, recycling facilities have begun to charge to process recyclables.  We are attempting to keep costs at a minimum and appreciate your understanding.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Board of Health office at 508-695-3010, ext 5

On-line Bill Pay - To pay your bills online, click here

Recycling Center Schedule

April - November
Monday  & Saturday - 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

December, January & March
Monday  -  8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Saturday  -  8:00 am - 1:00 pm

NOTE: the recycling center is closed the month of February

Residents are reminded a current Recycling Center Pass is required for access

Compost Bins Available

  • limited supplies -  visit the Board of Health office to purchase
  • Compost Bins $25.00
  • Click here for additional info on Compost Bins

New Clothing & Textile Recycling Bin Located at the Recycling Center

Trash & Recycling Weather delay information

  • Weather delay information will be posted here and on Plainville Cable channel 11
  • Visit the Town home page website to sign up for news & announcements.
  • If the weather is very snowy, please do not put out your trash & recycling so that it get either buried by the plows or covered with falling snow.
  • Please try and place your trash & recycling in a spot that the drivers can reach without climbing high snow banks.
  • Please make sure recyclables are covered or contained during windy days to prevent blowing material
  • The trash & recycling drivers will do their best to make sure the routes are collected on time, however safety is a priority for the drivers and others on the road.  
  • Servere Weather delays sometimes cannot be posted in advance.