Dog Licenses

All dogs six months of age or older are required by law to be licensed.  Proof of rabies vaccination and neuter/spay need to be provided before tags can be issued.

The licensing period begins every year on January 1st through the first Saturday in April.  After that date, a $50.00 (per dog) late fine will go into effect (per MGL C 140 S 141).

  1. INTACT DOG                                    $30.00
  2. SPAY/NEUTER DOG                       $10.00

Dog tags may be purchased in person, in writing or online.  Please include proof of rabies vaccine and spay/neutering if applicable.

For your convenience, online bill payments are now available for dog licensing.  Go to online bill payments on main tab and click on Plainville MA to select from the bill type to pay for your dog license.  A convenience fee applies for e-checks .50 - credit & debit is 3.20% min. $3.00.