Business Certificate

Any person conducting a business, individually or as a partnership, in the Commonwealth under any title or name other than his real name, must file a business certificate (doing business as) with the town clerk of each city or town in which the business has an office. 

Any new business owner in Plainville applying for a business certificate for the first time must get approval from the Zoning Enforcer, Mark Bertonnassi, before a business certificate can be issued.  To contact Mark Bertonnassi please call 508-695-3010 X12.

Business certificate fee- $35.00. Amend or discontinue fee -$10.00

Certificates may be filed in person at the Town Clerk’s office or submitted by mail.  If filing by mail include a self-addressed stamped envelope with completed, notorized form and fee to the Town Clerk’s Office. Business certificates are renewable every four years.  All persons operating the business must sign the certificate and have their signatures notarized.  Filing a DBA does not protect your business name.

To  "discontinue" or " make changes" to your business certificate, you must file the form with the Town Clerk.