Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Plainville Police Department is committed to excellence in policing through selection of staff, continuous training and a strong sense of partnership with the community it serves. Community Policing is the base philosophy that imbues the agency mission and our goal is a unanimous intolerance of criminal activity in the Town and an absolute sense of security for every citizen of our community.

Goals & Objectives

The achievement of our mission is and ongoing multi-faceted process that involves total commitment of not only member of our community and our town government. In furtherance of our mission the following goals are established for the Plainville Police Department:

  1. Provide for the prevention of crime utilizing all available resources in the most cost effective manner possible.

  2. Provide expeditious and prudent apprehension of suspected violators of the law without deference to their station of life.

  3. Provide services that contribute to the preservation of life and the protection of property.

  4. Provide any assistance possible to insure an absence of the fear of crime in our community.

  5. Provide for the safe effective flow of vehicular traffic in and through our town.

  6. Provide for thorough, efficient and appropriate investigations for allegations of crime or internal misconduct.

  7. Provide continuous involvement in the education process of our young citizens.

  8. Provide for the maintenance of social order during the time of unnatural occurrences or disasters; and to provide a presence during any substantial gathering of residents.

  9. Insure public integrity in our agency through competent, fair and thorough investigation of any citizen complaint against police activity or employees.

  10. Provide the efficient and effective administration of the police department, the career needs of department personnel and the commitment toward team building among all town agencies.