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Massachusetts Community Tracing Collaborative

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and their stakeholders, have created the COVID-19 Community Tracing Collaborative.

The Collaborative focuses on reaching out to those who are positive COVID-19 patients asking for their help by answering a few questions. The collaborative want to trace potential exposures and inform others of potential exposures.

The effort is to help others who have been potentially exposed to the virus. 

When the MA COVID Team calls you, utilizing 833 or 857 area code and a caller ID of “MA COVID Team”. The only information asked will be the name of persons you had contact, and their contact info NO OTHER INFORMATION WILL BE ASKED.

Providing this helpful information should help flatten and reduce the curve in Massachusetts.

If you have concerns regarding the caller’s questions, you can contact the collaborative directly or for more information on the collaborative visit: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/learn-about-the-community-tracing-coll...   

All other calls should be reported to the local police department. The Plainville Police Department phone number is 508-809-5555.

Please follow the recommendations from the local Board of Health, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the CDC.