Effective July 1, 2018 Changes

Dear Plainville residents who participate in the Municipal Refuse Collection Program:

For the past 17 years, residents who have participated in the Municipal Refuse Collection program have not seen a price increase.  Unfortunately, we are unable to continue that winning streak.  The Board of Health as worked diligently over the past 6 months to obtain the most qualified and lowest bidder to service the Trash & Recycling Program.  We have explored all possible program options and are committed to providing the residents of Plainville with the most cost effective and comprehensive Municipal Refuse Collection program. 

Beginning July 1, 2018, please welcome E.L. Harvey & Sons as the town's new Trash & Recycling hauler.

BEGINNING JULY 1, 2018, trash bag stickers will be $1.50.  The new $1.50 stickers will be PINK. The yellow $1.25 stickers will not be accepted after June 30.  The new pink stickers will be available to purchase June 1st at the same stores the yellow ones were and at the Board of Health office.  Unused yellow stickers may be used to buy the new $1.50 pink stickers at the Board of Health office ONLY.  There will not be any cash refunds for the yellow stickers.   

Please purchase only the amount of yellow $1.25 stickers you will need through June 30th.

Annual fees will also increase.  Single Family homes will be $150.00, Two-family homes will be $220.00 and Three-family homes will be $270.00.

We will not be using automated carts at this time. Residents may continue to use blue recycling bins or preferably a 35-gallon size barrel CLEARLY labeled "Recycling". 

Details on the trash program will be included in the annual bill that will be mailed at the end of May.

We look forward to working with our new hauler, E.L Harvey & Sons and believe they will provide exceptional service to our residents.



Lou LeBlanc

Bob Davis

Richard Achin