COVID-19 Update: State Classifies Plainville as Having Higher Relative Change in Case Counts

     As part of their weekly COVID-19 update, the State of Massachusetts has classified the Town of Plainville as having higher relative positive COVID-19 case counts over the last 14 days.  While Plainville has seen a marked increase over the last two weeks, it should be noted that the 11 new cases that were reported over the last 14 days involve multiple family members.  Given that Plainville is a community with a smaller population and has had an average of between 0-2 cases per week over the last several months, this small rise in positive cases can quickly move Plainville up to the higher classification on the State dashboard.

     The State's COVID Rapid Response team will be working collaboratively with town officials to monitor positive cases in Town and any new possible cases or exposures.  Residents are reminded to follow guidance by the state and CDC with regard to face coverings and social distancing.  Questions should be directed to the Plainville Board of Health at 508-576-8464.