Environmental Health Impact Review Regulation

Plainville Regulations & Guidelines


Public & Environmental Health

Review Regulation

Regulation for environmental health impact,

stormwater management

Permeability Application - Revised 06-19-13

Application to be completed prior to scheduling test

EHIR & BOH Review Application - revised 1-10-12

Application, fee's and requied information to

be submitted to the Board of Health for review

Submittal Guidelines

Submittal guidelines for subdivision plans,site

plans or other types of project plans. To be completed

and submitted with application

Groundwater Guidelines

Effect of the Underlying Groundwater System

on the Rate of Infiltration of Stormwater Infiltration Structures

Sample Stormwater Covenant

Sample Stormwater Covenant to be filed with the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds to assure the continuous and perpetual maintenance and operation of the stormwater management system. 

Standard Conditions

Standard Conditions for all EHIR permits as applicable. 

Additional conditions may apply

DEP Stormwater Management Regulations & Guidance

Note: New Permeability Application and Fee