Septic Systems & Wells

Application Fees (effective – 1-17-07)

Soil Evaluation – Percolation Test 

(each site location and site visit maximum 4 hours)

New System$250.00
Foundation Only$100.00
Overnight SaturationAbove fees apply
Rescheduling fee for failure to provide 24 hr cancellation noticeAbove fees apply

Permit Application and Plan Review - Pleas Note New Fee's

Permit Application for residential new & upgraded SSDS systems

having a design flow of less than 1,000 gpd       


Permit Application for new & upgraded SSDS systems for commercial

or any system having a design flow of over 1,000 gpd

     Additioinal fee for a pump system$100.00
     Additional fee for a retaining wall$100.00
     Additional fee for alternative/innovation system

$150.00  -  Active

$100.00  -  Passive

     Additioinal fee for a shared system$150.00
Revisions prior to plan approval 
     1st revisionFREE
     each additionial revision$50.00

Application for revision of a previously approved plan

(includes as-built for system constructed differently than approved)

Revision of building structure only (leaching area remains the same)$50.00
Minor alteration (i.e. Tank or D-Box replacement only)$100.00
Emergency repair (i.e. broken pipe, tee, damaged tank or D-Box repair)$100.00
Abandonment of system$50.00
Application for transfer or renewal (no plan changes)$25.00
Building permit application review$25.00

Inspections of Systems

First three inspections for new or system upgradesFREE
Each construction inspection more than three (3)$50.00
After more than one component or emergency repair inspection$50.00

Variance/Loal Upgrades – DEP or Board of Health

New Systems$100.00
Failure upgrades$50.00
All other variances/upgrades 


Application of on-site water well (non-refundable)$25.00
On-site water well  (includes 4-hr pump test & plan review)$200.00
     with treatment systems add$100.00
Hydrofracting of water well$200.00
Abandonment of water well$200.00
Rescheduling fee for failure to provide 24 hr cancellation noticeAbove fees apply

Licenses  (Licenses expire on December 31st)

Disposal Works Installers$100.00
Title 5 Inspector$100.00
Soil Site Evaluator$100.00
Percolation Test Performer$100.00

     Any two of the above

     Any three of the above



Application Fees    (effective – 1-17-07)

Food Establishments

Food Service (Including retail food, slush machine,

frozen desert machine, bakery & milk)

Retail Food only$150.00
SeasonalHalf of yearly fee
Bed & Breakfast$250.00
One Day Food$25.00
One Day Food - non profit$10.00
Mobile Food or Ice Cream Vehicles$50.00 - per vehicle
Food Manufacturing$250.00

Plain review for food establishments

     1st inspection

     Re-inspection fee after first




Re-inspection fee for food code violations$50.00
Tanning Salon$100.00
Nail Salon$50.00
Housing Inspection (vendor rent)$50.00 - each
Tobacco sales$50.00







Motels & Trailer Coach Parks$200.00
Operation of recreational camps, overnight camps or cabins$200.00
Refuse Haulers$50.00 - per vehicle
Septage Haulers$50.00 - per vehicle
Swimming pools (semi-public or public)$200.00
Portable toilets$10.00 - each
Re-inspection fee for violations$50.00 - each
General Permit$25.00
Variance or Local Upgrades, DEP or Board of Health$100.00

Application filing fee for Environmental Health Pemit or Board of Health

review as required by the Plainville Board of Health Regulation entitled

"Public and Environmental Health Review Regulations and Standards"


$25.00 LATE FEE  for renewal applications received after January 1st