How do I get a street opening permit?

The Street Opening Permit application is attached below. This is a two-page document - the first page is the application and the second page is the Fee Schedule.

Street Opening Permits are accepted for work being performed from April 1st through November 1st. Only permits for emergency work are accepted outside of this time frame.

Please complete the first page (application) with the following information:

  • Dig Safe number
  • Start date and time of scheduled work
  • Applicant's name, address, phone number and contact person
  • Licensed contractor's name, phone number and 24/7 phone number (if different)
  • Location and description of work (include a hand sketch of the location, large work and utilities will require attached plans)
  • Expected trench size
  • Applicant's signature
  • Date

The standard application fee is $50. If the Street Opening Permit requires a trench that is greater than 3 feet in depth, and 15 feet or less between the soil walls as measured from the bottom, an Excavation and Trench Safety Permit is needed, at an additional cost of $25.

Based on the scope of the work being performed, additional fees from the Fee Schedule (page two) may apply. Please contact Dennis Morton, DPW Operations Manager, at 508-699-2071 to discuss the work being done and to determine any additional fees.

Checks should be made payable to "Town of Plainville". Please include "Street Opening Permit" and the property address in the memo line.

Once the application has been completed and the total application fee amount has been determined, please mail the application and your check to:

Plainville DPW
P.O. Box 1565
Plainville, MA 02762

If you would like a copy of the approved application, please include your email address somewhere on the application.

Street Opening Permit Application (PDF)

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