How do I register myself and/or my child for a program?

Registration can be done online or in person. Upon completion of registration you will receive an email confirming that we received the registration. Please be patient as we normally do not reply on weekends or evenings but we will typically send confirmation within 24 to 48 hours.

Online registration can be done through the sign-up page. This will bring you to a registration form that needs to be filled out completely for you and/or your child. Don't Forget to hit Submit after you have completed all information. Please note that at times there may be required questions that do not pertain to you or the program you are signing up for. For example, an adult registering for Pickleball will not need to include grade, bus, or teacher's name. If the question does not apply simply write N/A.

Additionally, you may sign up in person at the Park Department office. We will have paper registration forms available for those who prefer to sign-up in person.

Sign up for a program!

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