User Fees

To receive collection services subscribers pay two separate fees: an annual collection fee and a per-bag trash disposal fee.

Annual Collection Fee

Trash and recyclable materials are only collected from 1-, 2- and 3-family households that subscribe to the municipal collection program. To subscribe, residents pay an annual collection fee. Buildings with four or more units, condo complexes, and businesses contract with a private hauler. The annual fees are:

  • Single-Family Homes: $174
  • Two-Family Homes (separate driveways): $174 each drive
  • Two-Family Homes (common driveway): $244
  • Three-Family Homes: $294

This covers the cost of collection of trash and recyclable materials from July through June. Subscribers must also pay a separate disposal fee for each 30- to 35-gallon size bag of trash.

Annual bills are mailed to every property owner of 1-, 2- and 3-family homes in May. If you wish to participate in the program, return payment to the Board of Health office. If you do not wish to participate in the program, simply disregard the bill. When payment is made, residents will receive an 8-inch by 8-inch colored sticker, which is usually placed on your recycling bins. These stickers serve as proof of payment to the drivers. When the drivers see this sticker, they quickly know that you are participating in the collection program. Each year the color of the annual sticker is changed.

Residents may also choose to pay twice per year. A $3 processing fee is added to the second invoice, which is mailed in November, for service to continue January 1st. Residents that pay the half-year fee will receive half of a sticker. When the second payment is received they will receive the bottom half.

The annual fee is only prorated for new construction or new property owners. If a resident wishes to begin collection service mid-cycle, they will be required to pay for the entire year.

Refunds are not given. If a resident sells the property, any remaining collection fee should be settled at closing.

Trash Bag Disposal Fee

In order for trash to be collected, each 30- to 35-gallon size bag of trash must have a $1.50 pink trash sticker affixed to it. Residents purchase their own bags and buy the trash stickers to put on the bags.

Bulky Item Fee

Bulky items are paid with orange $2.50 trash stickers. ($5 for two orange stickers, $20 for 8 orange stickers.)

  • All mattresses and box springs (crib, twin, double, queen and king size) will cost $50 each. Residents must contact Hand Up directly to schedule a curbside collection
  • Large bulky items equal to or over 4 feet in height or length will cost $5 each
  • Small bulky items under 4 feet in height or length costs $2.50 each
  • Wood and Carpet must be 4 feet or under.

Trash Sticker Outlets

Stickers for bags and "Special Waste" are available from Town Hall, Board of Health office and the following Retail outlets in town. There is no additional disposal fee for recyclable materials collected curbside.

  • Ava's Market - 80 Taunton Street
  • Cumberland Farms - 139 South Street
  • Hilltop Stop - 56 Washington Street
  • Mobil Mart - 11 Taunton Street (corner of Routes 152 and 106)
  • Plainville Food Mart - 120 South Street
  • Shell Gas Station - 10 Taunton Street
  • South Liquor Mart - 431 South Street
  • Stop and Shop - Taunton Street