Plainville Press Logs

Plainville Police PatchThe Plainville Police Department believes in Excellence and Accountability as outlined in our Mission / Values / Vision statement. We make every effort to provide as much information to the public as we legally can and make it as easily accessible as possible. Legislation signed into law by Governor Patrick in August of 2014 restricts the public release of any police records pertaining to domestic violence and abuse. This includes incident reports, log entries, and arrest records. See MGL Ch 41 §97D and MGL Ch 41 §98F for more information. The archives below show our monthly press logs that are sorted by year. The first chart below indicates how many arrests we have had and how many separate criminal complaints we have had sorted by year. The second chart shows how many calls for service we have had and how many activity calls were logged on the radio log in dispatch. The difference being how the calls are logged, when added together it shows our total calls of activity. These are also separated by year.